Battle of Wauhatchie
Near Wauhatchie Station, Tennessee
October 28-29, 1863

Site 1

Facing NNE, at the New York Monument at Wauhatchie Site 1
Near the end of Parker Lane, off Browns Ferry Road, just S of Exit 175 on Interstate Highway 24

Schurz's Division

Soon after firing was heard in the direction of Wauhatchie, Gen. Schurz was ordered to push his leading brigade to the relief of Gen. Geary.

Tyndale's Brigade was in the advance. Its left, while passing Smith's Hill, was fired upon by the enemy concealed in the woods; the brigade proceeded to the hill on the right of this monument (known as Tyndale's Hill) from which the enemy was speedily driven. Krzyzanowski's Brigade was then placed in the gap between Smith's and Tyndale's Hills and Gen. Schurz, instructed by Gen. Hooker in person, sent Hecker's Brigade to effect a junction with Geary's Division, which was accomplished about 6 a.m. The operations of Howard's Corps and those of Geary's Division, 12th Corps, dislodged the enemy from every position this side of Lookout Creek, and, in conjunction with the troops at Brown's Ferry under Gen. W. F. Smith, reopened the Union lines of communication to Chattanooga.

(Photograph by John C. Sanders, October 15, 2005)

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